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April Showers Bring Easter Flowers

Daffodils Blooming in Time for Easter.

I begin my report on some weather events that occurred in the Finger Lakes on March 31, 2023. It was a grey overcast day here in Canandaigua, NY and even though scattered showers were predicted for that day, they never arrived. Jeanette and I decided that we had enough of being indoors all day so we headed to Seneca Falls, NY for pizza at the Little Italy Restaurant.

The sun was shinning when we arrived. As we were waiting for our pizza, the skies darkened and some really ugly black clouds drifted across the village, and that’s when we experienced our first “Microburst” storm in the Finger Lakes. We waited till the worst of the storm passed and then safely returned home.

The first week of April brought change to our weather in Canandaigua as we saw the sun to begin to re-appear and along with the rising temperatures, our early daffodils and hyacinths began poking their heads through the mulch.

The Start of the Easter Flower Show

By the end of the first week in April, the forsythia bush started to shoot buds, the ducks could be seen feeding along the shore of Canandaigua Lake, and a few fishing boats appeared on the Lake.

Budding Forsythia

Easter Sunday brought the first of my hyacinth flowers perfectly timed when we all celebrate the renewal of life and Christians everywhere celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. To me, it was an amazing event to watch as I have had enough of winter’s grey and cloudy days.

Budding Hyacinths

James R. Bupp