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The Madness of March

March can be a fickle month. On March 10 we received our heaviest snowfall of the 2022-2023 winter season here in Canandaigua, NY. For our neighbors to the west in the Buffalo area and the snow belt south of Buffalo, 5 inches to 6 inches of snow would be just a dusting. But for us, it was our largest snow fall of the season.

I originally wrote a short blog in February about the up-and-coming planting season but this storm has clearly postponed my enthusiasm. I have had to give up trying to clear my driveway by myself. Fortunately, a neighbor up the hill owns one of those 4 wheelers which has a plow mounted on the front. One call to his home in the evening and I woke up the next morning to the purr of his machine, clearing the heavy wet stuff off my driveway. I slept well that night knowing that I wouldn’t have to deal with the cleanup mess in the morning.

March 7 Winter Wonderland

The pictures that you see here were shot late in the afternoon of March 9. The snow was really coming down fast and our colorless barren landscape was transformed into a winter wonderland within a couple of hours. The leafless trees were suddenly decorated with several inches of heavy wet snow and the pines begin to groan with the additional weight of the new falling snow. The winter wonderland scenes don’t last long here in the Finger Lakes Region as most storms are accompanied with winds which shakes the newly fallen snow off the tree branches.

An Old Pine Tree Weighed Down By the Storm

I was hoping that this snow storm would be our last for the season, but now there is yet another storm moving up along the Atlantic Coast. These Nor’easter kinds of events can bring large amounts of snow to the Finger Lakes and as of this writing, the weather forecasters are predicting another 4-6 inches of snow for our area in Canandaigua, NY beginning on Monday evening the 13th of March.   

As I first wrote; March can be a fickle month!   

James R. Bupp