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The Joy of Christmas
The Joy of Christmas

The darkest days of winter are now upon us. As humans, we want to hibernate like the animals of the fields and forests, waiting upon better days with more daylight and sun. And yet this is precisely the time that we humans have chosen to celebrate the birth of Jesus, who brought hope and joy to those who believed in his message. It’s difficult to find hope and joy with the Covid virus and its variants sharing top headlines. This virus is keeping families separated, loved ones isolated from any family contact, and faces covered with masks at this time of joy. When was the last time that you heard someone sing “Jingle Bells”? And yet there are still folks who try to be kind: “go ahead, you were here first”; “excuse me, I didn’t mean to bump into your shopping cart”, can be heard in a crowded store.

Jeanette and I took at little tour of Gibson Street here in Canandaigua last night. The homes there have been lavishly decorated for Christmas. Their owners have spent much time and resources decorating these 1800 homes with a clear message that takes us back to our childhood days when we saw our first Christmas tree or received our first Christmas gift. The whole scene was joyful and uplifting. Whether we are rich or poor, it’s the sharing of what we have with others that makes us human and brings us the joy and peace that we all seek. MERRY CHRISTMAS!