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The Reason for the Season

Our national news is filled with all of the shortages that the news puppets perceive we Americans are facing this holiday season. There is a shortage of gasoline and gas prices have risen to the point where the President has to open our strategic oil reserves; there weren’t enough retail workers to service all of the shopping crowds on black Friday; and when you do go shopping, the shelves just might be bare because there aren’t enough truckers to haul all of this overpriced merchandise from the container ships which have been waiting in our east and west coast harbors. I don’t know about you, but this sounds to me like some kind of unprecedented prosperity!

We celebrated our Thanksgiving as a family at home for the first time since the Covid pandemic hit. And it was wonderful. Each person brought their favorite dish to share, much as it was in the days of the first Indian/Pilgrim’s feast. And when I turned on the television this morning, the headlines that struck my eye was that “There aren’t enough Santa Clauses to go around!” A shortage that I have never even dreamed of. I am sure that they were talking about those folks who get dressed up as Santa Claus and have the children sit on their laps. The children of course tell Santa about all those expensive gifts that they just have seen in the store. Or perhaps they were talking about all those bell ringing Santa Clauses who are out begging for money in the freezing cold hoping to collect money for the poor while they make a few bucks for their families before Christmas.

I don’t have any gripe with Santa Claus. He is a kind benevolent figure who shows up all around the world this time of the year, bringing children a few treats or some small toys to brighten up their holiday celebrations. He is a kind old man who has a jolly smile and he brings joy and laughter to all whom he visits.  He is much like you and I hoped we could be all year around. So, I have to ask myself, “How can there be a shortage of this kind of Santa Claus?” because we all can play Santa’s role during the holidays: some kind words to a stranger, helping a neighbor put up his lights, carrying a bag of groceries for an old woman, or passing out a candy cane to an impatient child as their mother struggles to fill her shopping cart.

And so, I refuse to believe this nonsense that there is a shortage of Santa Clauses! We all have been charged with helping to bring hope and joy to all people. Tis the reason for the Season.

Merry Christmas!    

Authored by James Bupp