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A Precious Gift on Father’s Day

A couple of Sunday’s ago our minister announced that he was turning over the service to the Boy Scouts on June 20. I instinctively reacted, “But that Sunday is Father’s day”! He said yes, but this was a special occasion and that a couple of the boys were going to be leaving the area and this was the Sunday that their regional groups choose to recognize them for their years in scouting. Surely, these boys have fathers and why did they have to choose Father’s day for receiving their recognition in the Boy Scouts program?

I’ve tried to be a good father when my children were growing up. I tried to take time from my professional job to spend time with my family. But as I look back on those years, my time at work was often more important to me than the time I took to be with my children. It seems that we have so many National holidays which recognize all kind of events or patriots during the year that it just doesn’t seem right to not say something about Father’s Day. After all, weren’t Father’s a part of the creation of a new individual who will carry on his genes to the next generation?

I was somewhat relieved in today’s service that our Pastor mentioned that the Scouts were going to somehow tie Father’s Day in with their recognition ceremony and that we were all invited for cake and punch in the fellowship hall after service. I guess that I will have to wait a see how all of this pans out.

As I look back on my growing years and the growing years that my children spent with me, it seems that the most precious thing that a father can give to his children is his personal time; time to play, time to laugh, or time to teach your child a new skill. And it doesn’t cost a dime. In fact the Fathers who make the most money are usually never present and miss out on their own day of recognition.