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There’s Peace in the Valley

Judging from the feedback that I received from my last blog, there are others who are searching for peace at this Christmas time. Yesterday on the 19th of December I went out into the cold frosty morning to take some winter pictures and to search for some peace. I headed to Vine Valley which is a little hamlet in the town of Middlesex, NY. I hope you enjoy the pictures and that they will bring you some measure peace this Christmas.   

North Vine Valley Road Winding Into the Valley
Slippery When Icy
Canandaigua Lake Lies at the Foot of the Valley
Frost Covered Trees Along the Way
The Gazebo at Vine Valley
The Swimming Area
Geese Going for a Swim in Canandaigua Lake
There’s Peace in the Valley!
Wishing All a Merry Christmas