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There’s Peace in the Valley

Saturday October 17, 20220 was our first “killing” frost in Canandaigua. The temperature dipped to 31 degrees and the clear blue morning skies offered an ideal time to take a few pictures of the remaining fall colors around Canandaigua Lake.

Canandaigua Lake Near Vine Valley

Vine Valley has always been a special place to me. It’s a little hamlet near to the village of Middlesex, NY. The area is rich in Indian lore and is known as the legendary birthplace of the Seneca Indian Nation. Today it serves as a summer place for folks who want to escape city living and live near the surrounding forests, fish in Canandaigua Lake, and or take a cooling dip in Canandaigua Lake.

South Hill at Vine Valley

 No one is stirring on this frosty morning at Vine Valley. The boat docks have all been pulled from the Lake in anticipation of winters’ freezing temperatures. The little general store is now closed for the season. No more hand dipped ice cream cones, candy filled jars, or some local produce which was sold at almost give-away prices. Over yonder almost half ways across the Lake, I spot a fisherman trying his luck in these isolated waters. There’s no need to wear a mask or to worry about maintaining proper social distancing as there isn’t another soul in sight!  

Vine Valley General Store

A few people still remain in the little cottage settlement along the Lake but they haven’t shown their faces this early in the morning. Soon, they will be packing their cars and going to warmer climates for the winter.

The Boat Launch at Vine Valley

I let the quiet sink into my head as I just enjoy this magnificent scene of color and lake painted by the Master.

South Hill From the Boat Launch