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Have a Happy New Year

I do sincerely wish everyone a Happy New Year. Celebration of the New Year has been a happening that has gone on for thousands of years all around the world as people join together in hope that the new calendar year will somehow bring better times than what we experienced in the previous year. And in a way, wishing someone a Happy New Year is a self- fulfilling prophesy as our calendar is tied to the earth’s journey around the sun which means that for most folks on this planet, the days will become longer, the sun will shine brighter, and a new growing cycle started by the sun’s warmth will begin again. The New Year is indeed something that I look forward to.

New Seed Catalogues for 2020

Just a couple of days ago, I received two seed catalogues in the mail. Instantly my mind turned towards planning my 2020 garden and trying some new techniques which will perhaps allow me to raise some vegetables that I have not been previously successful in growing. (I have been a particular failure at raising carrots). All my negative thoughts seem to disappear when I make a crock pot of beef vegetable soup containing my home grown tomatoes and potatoes. July and August’s sun is right there in the pot – contained in those lovely red tomatoes.

Just Beautiful Vegetables

I magically forget about all of the hard work required to preparing the soil, plant the seeds, water, and weed my garden. Just look at those pictures in the seed catalog. There is no mention of the work required to raising those vegetables, or fencing off the garden to keep the critters from eating all of your hard work; just page after page of lovely perfectly formed vegetables! There’s really nothing to it –some sun, some rain, and waiting for the tomatoes to ripen in August’s heat!

I think that I may have stumbled upon a way so that we all can have a Happy New Year regardless of what may have happened to us last year. What brought you the greatest joy and happiness last year? Then in your mind, formulate a plan to relive those days in 2020! Perhaps it was a vacation, a trip to the Finger Lakes, meeting a new friend, going on a hot air balloon ride, or like me, just working in the garden and keeping my lawn looking nice. Whatever your plan is, don’t give up. Make it happen. And you will indeed have a Happy New Year.