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Fall Reflections in the Finger Lakes

The Fall season in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New york seems to have two opposing effects on me. On one hand I want to stop whatever I am doing and take some time off just to remind myself of this year’s summer and to savor what is left of those beautiful sunny summer days.

Fall Reflections
Burning Bushes at Deep Run
Cattails Bursting in the Fall Sun
Cattail in Bloom

On the other hand fall has an opposing effect on me and reminds me that it is time to gather in anything remaining in the garden and to clean up my garden in preparation for the coming winter months. The bushes need trimming, the lawn tractor needs to be cleaned, washed, and put into storage for the winter, and those chilly frosty mornings sent me scurrying to find my hooded sweatshirt and gloves.

But then along comes a perfectly beautiful fall day and I just have to give in fall’s splendor and take the day off knowing that things will soon change and the scenery will very different. And so I grab my camera and try to record a few memories of how things look now around the neighborhood. Am I wasting my time? I don’t think so!

Crystal Ridge Rd., Canandaigua
Corn and Trees
Canandaigua Lake
Bare Hill from County Rd. 1

James Bupp