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Summer’s a Coming…

The spring weather in the Finger Lakes has not been to my liking. I have been trying to keep up with three lawns; my own, my neighbor’s, and the church’s lawn. Last week we had two days without rain and I was able to mow our own and my neighbor’s lawn. Saturday was a beautiful day with temperatures in the seventies and I mowed and trimmed the church’s lawn in time for Sunday Services.

Earlier in the week I grabbed a cup of coffee at the Lafayette’s dinner in Canandaigua and found out that I am not the only one frustrated with the weather. But the local jabber had to do with getting boats out of storage and putting in their docks for those that live right on the Lake. The Finger Lakes are at a near record high water level and as I observed, the Canandaigua Lake Outlet is filled to flood stage as they are trying to let out enough water from the Lake so that the boat owners will be happy come Memorial Day which is only one week away.

Saturday night they issued a “code red” weather alert for the much of the Finger Lakes. Fortunately, they were wrong and Sunday was a nice sunny day with temperatures in the mid to high seventies. We did have a brief downpour around 3:00 pm Sunday afternoon, but no storms and the temperatures remained in the mid-seventies.

Jeanette and I drove over to Seneca Falls to have our dinner out on the deck of Wolffy’s Grill and Marina ( ) which is right on Seneca Lake near the New York State Park. The sun did make a brief appearance as we sat on the deck and watched a fisherman unsuccessfully try to catch some fish for his dinner from his boat along the shore. Wolffy’s is open all year around. No, they don’t serve gourmet food, as it’s a bar and grill. But where can you go to have dinner right on one of the Finger Lakes, be served your food, and experience Finger Lakes Living first hand?  And you don’t have to prepare the meal, clean the table, or wash the dishes!

As for Jeanette and I, we were entertained with a jacketless warm summer evening, the fresh smell of the water, the birds diving for their dinner, and a beautiful white cloud in the sky over Seneca Lake. There’s no doubt in my mind: Summer’s a Coming!

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