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Now What Since Easter is Over?

Now What?

Easter is over. The last little piece of ham has been picked off the serving dish and the “good” dishes, meaning special dishes and silverware, are all washed up and put away until the next family gathering.  Our entire collection of Easter table decorations have been carefully wrapped up to be carried down to the basement and stored for next year’s Easter celebration. Each decoration holds a special significance of Easters’ gone by.  

For most folks it’s back to work Monday.  Or if you traveled over Easter weekend to visit family, relatives, or friends, perhaps you are returning home from your Easter celebration today. But for sure, tomorrow it will be back to work for you too. Same old grind, same old routine. 

Most humans’ (including myself) function well if they have a daily routine. Our physical body is controlled by the sun. We arise, have something to eat for breakfast, and then go about our daily routine. As a Christian, I have to think what it was like for the disciples’. They had their last gathering with their teacher and leader. The party was over. And for his beliefs, he was put to death, hung on a cross which was the Romans’ most excruciating way to kill a person. I can imagine that most of them wanted to distance themselves from HIM and deny that they had any connection to HIM.

But the story did not end here. We have been promised life beyond this physical life that we all struggle with here on the earth; If only we believe … that we have been forgiven for what has happened in the past… and start anew.   

What a great way to start Monday and each day thereafter.

James R. Bupp

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