The 40th Annual Antique & Classic Boat Show at Skaneateles, NY
The 40th Annual Boat Show at Skaneateles, NY

The 40th Annual Antique & Classic Boat Show at Skaneateles, NY officially opened at 3:00 pm on Friday, July 27. My first blog on this subject will be brief as only a fraction of the entered boats were in their assigned places along city pier at the official 3:00 pm show opening time.

The City Pier at Skaneateles, NY

One of the early arrivals at the opening of the show was Joseph Reagan’s 18 foot Chris Craft named GASDOC from Skaneateles. He kept a watchful eye on the docking crew just to make sure that there wouldn’t be any scratches on his boat as they helped him tie up the boat to the dock.

A 1951 Chris Craft from Skaneateles, NY

Jeanette and I had arrived around 1:30 pm so we could enjoy a nice leisurely lunch at the Sherwood Inn. As we ate our lunch, we watched all of the activity across the street in Clift Park where exhibitors were working on setting up their exhibits.

An Antique Steam Powered Boat

One exhibit which caught my eye was an antique 1917 steam powered boat built by the North Bay Boating Company. The owner of this boat is Steve Shehadi of Skaneateles, NY.  The boat is powered by a one cylinder steam engine which produced 2 Hp. From the picture, it appeared to me that the source of steam was a small boiler fired by kerosene or some flammable liquid.

The Engine and Boiler of an Antique Steam Powered Boat

The weather was a perfect summer day in the high seventies with a nice breeze blowing up the Lake from the south. The Skaneateles Boat Show continues for another two days and it is one of our summer Finger Lakes activities that just shouldn’t be missed.

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