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A 2017 Salute to Glenn H. Curtiss

Every year I go to the Seaplane Homecoming in Hammondsport, NY. This year they expanded the event to include antique/classic cars which were parked along one the streets for all to see. It was a hot 80 degrees day this year and my feet gave out from all the walking, so I stopped in at the Village Tavern to rest a bit. I met a couple who had flown from Florida in their own plane for the festivities which were held on September 16 and 17 at Depot Park in Hammondsport. She asked me, “What’s there to do in the Finger Lakes?” and after explaining to her about our 200 wineries, our festivals, and the unique industrial/agricultural culture that has involved in this region, she said, “where can we rent a place” as I pointed to a rental sign just up the street from the Village Tavern.

On Saturday, a group of the seaplanes which flew in for the event did their traditional “Salute to Glenn H. Curtiss” by taking off from the lake just in front of Depot Park. They flew north to Penn Yan and then on to Branchport, and back to Hammondsport, honoring the man Glenn Curtiss who invented/developed taking off and landing from the water at Keuka Lake a little more than 100 years ago.

First Plane in the 2017 Glenn H. Curtiss Salute

There were 10 planes participating in the event. The first nine planes are shown individually at the start of the video. The 10th plane joined them in the air while they were taking off.  Don’t let the noise of the planes startle you – it’s part of the excitement!  (Click here)

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    1. Well, I had great intentions on making the fly-in this year at Hammondsport. But sadly didn’t make the trip. I am a great fan of Glenn Curtiss even though I am from Ohio and all we ever were taught was about the Wright Brothers!

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