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What Happened to Summer?

Sunset Over Deep Run, Canandiagua, NY

What happened to summer? Soon Labor Day will be here and the children will be going back to school. But I can’t help myself as I keep asking, what happened to summer? The nights are already beginning to cool and the tomatoes in my garden are just about done producing for the year. Even with all of the rain that we had earlier in the summer, I didn’t have a banner crop of tomatoes. The early flowers were affected by all of the rain that we had in June and July and at the bottom of the plants there is evidence of leaf fungus and dark spots on the first fruits.

The Canandaigua Lady Passes Deep Run

The sun is beginning to start is journey to the south, and night is coming noticeably sooner. I feel like I must protest the sun’s yearly journey as I yearn for those long summer evenings.  I like to watch the sunsets over Deep Run Park and we were treated to an unusual sunset last Sunday evening. In the quiet of the evening, I can hear the announcer on the Canandaigua Lady as she comes across the Lake to Thenderas – long before I can see the boat. The Captain makes a turn near Thenderas and then heads the boat north along Deep Run Park on his way back to Steamboat Landing for the evening. This final run is called the sunset run but now at 7:30 pm, the sun has just gone down over the hills on the other side of Canandaigua Lake and the boat will return to Steamboat Landing in the dark.

The Canandaigua Lady Passes Deep Run

I watch as the Canandaigua Lady passes Deep Run Park and slowly moves out of sight.  Canandaigua Lake returns once again to its evening quiet. There were no power boats operating on the Lake or a Jet Skis making one last run before night fall. The only sounds were those of the gulls as they came to roast along edge of the water. What happened to summer?

Night Descends Upon Canandaigua Lake

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