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What Does Easter Have To Do With Easter Flowers?

Easter Flowers at Our Home

When Jeanette and I returned from Florida, it was a cold evening with the temperature at the Rochester airport of 26 degrees. We missed the big snow storm of the previous week and all of our friends in Binghamton who suffered through 35 inches of snow urged us to stay in Florida for another week. Find a motel, sleep on the beach, anything but just don’t come home right now.

Hyacinths at Our Home

We were fortunate in that our neighbor snow- blowed the five foot drift of snow away from the front of the garage door and so we could easily gain access to our home. Once inside, we were warm once again. Outside, the area in front of the house was covered in snow and ice – a far cry from the 75 degree temperatures that we had enjoyed in Florida for three weeks.

Hyacinths at Our Home

It seemed to take forever for the snow to finally vanish and the temperatures in the Finger Lakes to return to a more normal 40 degrees during the day time. Slowly the temperatures climbed and the frozen ground softened enough for the Easter flowers to start to appear. Then came a couple of days with temperatures in the seventies, and sure enough, on this Easter Day 2017, we are enjoying the most beautiful, colorful, Easter flowers that we have ever had!

Hyacinths at Our Home

What does Easter have to do with Easter flowers? It’s a matter of faith, trust, and patience in a God who cares for us and loves us so much that we have been given eternal life after our journey on this earth is done. And just like the Easter flowers which are resurrected each year at the appropriate time, we too will be resurrected to live once more with Him forever.

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