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Home » A Christmas Party at Kershaw Park in Canandaigua

A Christmas Party at Kershaw Park in Canandaigua

A Christmas Day Swim at Kershaw Park

Kershaw Park in Canandaigua on Christmas Day was almost deserted by all of the humans that live nearby.  The noise from all of the traffic which goes on Lakeshore Drive and on Routes 5&20 was for the most part silent. The work on Pinnacle North had come to a stop to allow the workman a day off for Christmas. But the birds knew that it was their time to enjoy their old gathering place and to celebrate another year living in the Finger Lakes.


The Hallelujah Chorus at the Outlet

There was a Christmas swim at Kershaw Park. No need to use the bathhouse to change into their swim wears as these party goers keep their same suits on all year around. And indeed if it does become too warm, they just fly north to Canada for some refreshing ice. Migrate? Are you kidding when there is ample grain still left in the fields which surround the Finger Lakes and of course open water served up with ice cubes as most of the Finger Lakes do not freeze over in the winter time.

Incoming Geese Join the Party
Incoming Geese Join the Party

At the northern outlet near Sutter Marina, the Hallelujah Chorus of geese joined voices and created a joyful noise as they praised Mother Nature for such a beautiful day just like in the old times when there weren’t so many humans interfering with their lives. And no sooner had they finished the first few verses when the sky was filled with the noise of thousands of geese which came to join the party. There was much honking and tooting going on as the old group welcomed the new group to the party.


No time for Squaw Island

They seemed to be headed to the Canandaigua Inn, a favorite spot for humans in the summer time. Perhaps they were thirsty for a drink? There was wave after wave of geese swimming towards the Inn, past Squaw Island, and then on to Holiday Harbor. There wasn’t a human in sight.

Not a Human In Sight
Not a Human In Sight

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