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Taking Time for Lunch in the Finger Lakes

Cayuga Lake from Wolffy's Deck
Cayuga Lake from Wolffy’s Deck

Since we are both retired, there is plenty of time to have a leisure lunch along the shores of one of the Finger Lakes. We drove to Seneca Falls and had our lunch along Cayuga Lake at Wolffy’s Bar and Grill ( yesterday. They have a great deck for sitting outside when the weather permits and a nice indoors eating area which is air-conditioned when it is too hot outside. I remember my working days when I either did without lunch or tried to work during my lunch time. What folly! It makes my stomach ache to just think about it.

Vacationers pay thousands to dollars a week just to visit the Finger Lakes in the summer and enjoy the cool clear water of the lakes. But to those of us who live here the year around in this beautiful region, it’s just like we are on vacation every day! And there is no need to ever be disappointed as the major Finger Lakes are all located about an hour away from where we live in Canandaigua so summer activities like dining along the Finger Lakes, watching the boating activity, fishing or swimming in the Lakes, or enjoying summer theater is no more than an hour’s drive from home.

Cayuga County Sherrif
Cayuga County Sheriff

The Cayuga County Sheriff pulled up at Wolffy’s for a little lunch and break from their patrol. They chatted with several of the guests and we overheard them talking about how much they enjoyed their “job” of patrolling the lake. “We know most all of the people who live on this lake,” said one of the officers. “We even know the bad guys, the other one joked.” It was a beautiful summer day and the “bad guys” were probably taking time off for their lunch too and an afternoon nap!

Canueists on Cayuga Lake

On this day, our entertainment was a couple of canoeists paddling along the shore of the lake while we ate our lunch. They didn’t seem to be in any hurry but somehow quickly disappeared as they headed up the lake towards the New York State Park.

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