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The Old Man in the Falls

Tumbling Waters at Montour Falls, NY
Tumbling Waters at Montour Falls, NY

Due to the unseasonably mild temperatures, it’s hard to take winter pictures here in the Finger Lakes. Jeanette and I traveled to Watkins Glenn, NY on Sunday and it did seem a bit strange as the temperatures were in the mid-fifties and no snow could be seen on the ground, but it sure made for easy travel. There were the usual motorcycle riders who were taking their bikes for a winter ride as well as some brave cyclists who were enjoying a day’s tour in the Finger Lakes.

After lunch we traveled a few miles to the little village of Montour Falls, NY. The falls were named She-qua-ga or tumbling waters around 1820 by Louis Philippe who later became king of France.  And on this day, the waters were indeed tumbling with lots of ice still clinging to the sides and at the base of the falls. I always look for the “Old Man” in the falls. He was there – his mouth just above his brown beard and face being drenched in ice cold water. You talk about tough jobs…

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