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Seneca Lake in the Winter

Seneca Lake From the Stone Cutters Grill
Seneca Lake From the Stonecutter’s Grill

Last weekend was a real survival test for most folks who live along the Atlantic coast as they were treated to a record storm and record amounts of snowfall. Fortunately the storm did not reach into the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. Sunday afternoon was just the perfect time to enjoy Seneca Lake from the Stonecutter’s Grill at the Belhurst Castle in Geneva NY (click here).

Seneca Lake
Seneca Lake

The setting is really inviting for those of us who just want to enjoy a leisure glass a wine and a sandwich for lunch. The beautiful stone fireplace is so inviting and chases away all thoughts of any winter outside.  They have a very nice selection of sandwiches which are sure to please almost anyone’s appetite.

The Grounds at Belhurst Castle
The Grounds at Belhurst Castle

One can enjoy Seneca Lake from your table or if you are like me, you can take a stroll around the room and take in the views of the lake. I would guess that the windows in the Stonecutter’s Grill allows one to see all the way to the north end of the Seneca Lake and the New York State Park there and then to the east and south at least ten miles down the lake.

The Fireplace at the Stonecutter
The Fireplace at the Stonecutter’s Grill

While most folks prefer staying inside and watching NFL football on Sunday afternoons, the Stonecutter at the Belhurst Castle offers a relaxing afternoon, wonderful food, and view of Seneca Lake. And if the urge to take a wine tour around Seneca Lake strikes you, there is a tasting room next door!

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