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Prime Rib Soup

Canandaigua Lake Along East Lake Rd.
Canandaigua Lake Along East Lake Rd.

There’s nothing like a steaming hot bowl of soup to beat the winter blahs here in the Finger Lakes. Jeanette and I developed this recipe for prime rib soup right here in the Finger Lakes. It’s our best recipe that satisfies both a man’s and a women’s taste. The name prime rib soup is not new to any of my readers who used to live or still live in Endicott, NY and dined at Russell’s Steakhouse. They were famous for their prime rib soup and no meal was ever served without first serving a cup of prime rib soup.

The restaurant is long gone, but my memory has lasted long enough to remember the delicious taste of prime rib soup. Our recipe begins by going to our favorite restaurant that serves prime rib. We like the Historic Phelps Hotel (click here) in Phelps, NY but any restaurant that serves prime rib will do. Jeanette is the one who loves prime rib and she orders the next bigger size of prime rib: at the Phelps Hotel, the next size up from the queen size is the king size. They even have the “greed” size but that’s way too much leftover meat for our soup recipe. The important thing is to bring home about a 4- 6 inch piece of prime rib leftover from your dinner. And if they served the prime rib with a little o’jus on the side, ask for some of that to be taken home too.

There’s what you will need to make the soup:

– 5 quart slow cooker

– 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup

Here’s the ingredients are you will need:

– 2 cans 28 oz. of Wegmans crushed tomatoes

– 2 mediums carrots cut up

– 2 celery stalks cut up

– 2 medium sized peeled red potatoes cut up

– 2 medium onions cut up

– leftover prime cut up into small ½ pieces

3 – beef bouillon cubes dissolved in a little hot water

– one-half teaspoon of ground black pepper (no salt needed as the bouillon cubes contain the salt)

Plug in the crock pot, fill the crock pot to the top with water, stir and put on the lid! I used the high setting for about 4 hours just to get the show underway and then turn the crock pot back to low and let the soup cook all night and through the morning till noon.

If you are fortunate enough to can or freeze your own tomatoes, raise your own onions, or red potatoes, feel free to substitute. Organically grown vegetables are the best.

And don’t forget to buy a nice loaf of Italian bread the day before. The 5 quart crock pot makes two delicious meals for us as we freeze the leftovers for the second meal.

And if you like red wine, you may try a cup of your favorite red wine instead of some of the water. Save the rest of the wine for dinner!

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