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Time Is Running Out

The Clock at Canandaigua National Bank
The Clock at Canandaigua National Bank

Soon 2015 will be history. Each year at this time I try to sit down and say something about the word time and our concept of time. We all know that the New Year will be represented by a baby and that the old year by an old man called Father Time who will disappear when the New Year comes. I suppose that this also falls into the concept of time as a circle; when you complete a day or a year, the circle is closed and you start to go around the circle once again, just like our earth completes its orbit in a year and then starts to go around the sun again as it repeats the same path in space that it took last year.

But what if we start to talk about time in terms of a human’s life time? We know that we have many days in our lives and that at night we go to sleep and then awake in the morning to begin a new day. But surely we know that man’s days are numbered just like the number of grains of sand in an hour glass timer. When all of the grains of sand have fallen to the bottom of the glass, time has run out. Fortunately, we humans do not know how many grains of sand are in our hour glass.

I have become even more sensitive to time this year as a number of members in our extended family have been besieged by old age diseases or have come to the end of their journey on this earth. It’s easier for me to compare a man’s lifetime to that of the seasons which we experience each year; it’s in the winter when the trees and flowers lose their leaves and die. But, it’s only a matter of time before spring comes and they are rejuvenated once again to flourish anew.

This is the concept of time that I like best. And by faith, I believe that after a man dies on this earth, he will experience rejuvenation and be made whole once again. But it will be in a different dimension or domain, not accessible to us living humans. In the meantime, seize the days of the New Year as special opportunities to complete the things that you know need to get done and above all, don’t stress about time. Stressing about time is surely a waste of time.

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