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Winter Around Canandaigua Lake

Canandaigua Lake Along East Lake Road
Canandaigua Lake Along East Lake Road

Mother Nature decided that we were to have a little winter weather break on Wednesday and the temperatures did indeed climb to thirty degrees in the late afternoon. It was a time to scrape the remaining ice off of the driveway, shovel around the mailbox so the mailman can pick-up your mail, and perhaps take the car to the car wash to melt off some of the ice encrusted snow from the wheel wells.

Canandaigua Lake Near Bare Hill

It was also a time for the sun to make its appearance from time to time during the day and an opportunity to take a few pictures around Canandaigua Lake. Mother Nature has clothed all of the fields and pine trees with an ample coating of snow and sporadically frozen the waters of Canandaigua Lake, leaving just enough open spots for the ducks and geese to find water. The winter scene is indeed incredible as I drove down along East Lake road.

Bare Hill and Canandaigua Lake
Bare Hill and Canandaigua Lake

There is much peace and quietness as one drives along. Most of the summer homes in this area are closed for the winter as they are not accessible from the road. The slopes of the hills are just too steep. Those who do call the east side of Canandaigua Lake their year around home, enjoy a kind of peace and beauty that is unknown to us north end village folks.

Frost Covered Bare Hill
Snow Covered Bare Hill

Bare hill is the legendary birth place of the Seneca Indians. And just south of Bare Hill, the Seneca’s did have a village on South Hill where they lived to hunt and fish in this beautiful place. Perhaps the Indian women were able to raise corn and store some roots to help sustain their families over the winter. Vine Valley is so named because of the wild grapes that grew in this remote valley.

Picnic Table at Vine Valley
Picnic Table at Vine Valley

During the summer months, people who love the outdoors gather at the Vine Valley Campground so that they too can live close to nature and to enjoy Canandaigua Lake. But today, there weren’t any picnics; just snow, ice, and nature’s winter quiet.

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