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Skaneateles, NY Winter Festival

Skaneateles Lake at Skaneateles, NY
Skaneateles Lake at Skaneateles, NY

Ground hog day is only a week away but there is no reason to stay holed up in your den just because the temperatures are on the low side. Jeanette and I headed over to Skaneateles on Friday the 23rd of January for lunch to see if the Winter Festival had started (Officially the Winterfest starts Friday evening and lasts through the weekend.) I have to hand it to the folks who live in Skaneateles – when it comes to making the most of weekends; these folks know how to party.

A Snowman Ice Sculpture

Unfortunately the ice sculptures were not in place yet as they are a part of the ice sculpture walk on Saturday. But I did spot one ice sculpture which is truly a part of Americana and one which you don’t see much these days: a snowman. There he stood smiling in the January sun, knowing that he still had a lot of life left in him because the temperatures were only in the low twenties. Too bad our children and grandchildren have forgotten how much fun it is to build a snowman.

Preparing for the Polar Plunge

The boys at the Skaneateles Water Works were just bringing out the barriers which will keep the crowd at bay when those so inclined will go for the polar bear plunge on Saturday into Skaneateles Lake. They chop a hole in the ice and once you commit yourself to the plunge, there is no turning back.

From the Tavern at the Sherwood Inn

We had our lunch at the Sherwood Tavern which dates back to 1807. The Inn is a favorite gathering place to celebrate just about anything that needs celebrating. And for us, looking out of the window of the Sherwood Tavern in Skaneateles in winter with a nice glass of wine in your hand is just the perfect way to get the party started.

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