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Progress – January 11, 2015

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Jan. 11, 2015

From the desk of the author:

I would have thought that by now, a copy of the proof read manuscript of “Slaves of Our gods” would have been returned to me for my approval. But, I suppose that the holidays have slowed all of us down a bit. I will make a call tomorrow. As I recall they said that it would take 7-10 weeks for the manuscript to be proof read. After I receive the proof read copy of my book, I just need to go through the suggested changes which are marked in red, and then either agree or disagree with them. And then return the manuscript to the editor and the interior of the book will be completed. Of course, all of this is done over the internet!

I have completed the front and back covers of my book but I have not sent them in yet for editing and approval. They have been done for some time and I will send them in tomorrow. In the meantime, I am giving you an advanced look at the back cover of my book:

From the back cover of “Slaves of Our gods”:

I’ve always loved technology. As a child, I was particularly intrigued by an old wall mounted hand cranked telephone which hung in the kitchen of my grandfather’s home. And I really became excited when I found such a telephone up in the attic of our family farm home. I couldn’t wait to tear it apart for the magnets that were inside and to try to understand how this device worked. And then a little later, I started to build a crystal set radio. Imagine, just a little wire, a “cat whisker” diode, a coil made by winding the wire around a cardboard toilet paper tube, an ear phone head-set, and I could hear the voices that were somehow magically floating through the air and captured by a wire that I had strung from the tree down by the lane to my bedroom window!

The growth of this new technology over the last 67 years started to accelerate with the invention of the transistor in 1947, the microchip in 1958, and the microprocessor in 1969; today we can instantly communicate with anyone in the world!

Not only can we communicate with anyone in the world, we now have access to virtually all of the world’s knowledge. And all in a little device that sits in the palm of our hands! This little device called a “smart phone” or hand held computer has in itself caused a tremendous amount of disruption. But the microprocessor brains of these hand held computers will cause even more disruption as these “silicon brains” are now being used to control all of our labor saving machines and are beginning to take over our thinking – the very jobs which were previously the exclusive domain of humans!

Is it no wonder that I say a tsunami wave of disruption has landed on our shores?

James R. Bupp – PhD

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