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Follow Your Dreams

There must be something sage that I can say to my readers as 2014 comes to a close. We’ve celebrated Christmas with our families and now after all of the wrapping paper and tinsel has been disposed of we begin to think about next year and what lies in store for us.

One of the best sources for insight into your future is your dreams. After your worn-out body goes to sleep, your mind keeps working! Unencumbered by all of the sights and sounds that surround us each day when we are awake, our brains are left with the job of cleaning up the mess of information which has been temporarily filed away and refiling those items which will be retained for future reference in another file cabinet. After this task has been completed, our brain starts to wander. I think that our brain tries to figure out our future; perhaps by making a connection with our soul as we sleep.

I do know that it does make a great deal of sense for our own personal health and well-being to follow our dreams as our minds seem to have the ability to divine out future direction while we sleep. Two years ago in January, Jeanette and I watched the Keuka Maid being disassembled by the Fields Construction Company. Jeremy Fields bought the Keuka Maid for $25,000 and a promise that he would remove the eyesore from Hammondsport, NY.

Yesterday I checked out how Jeremy’s dream is coming along. What is left of the Keuka Maid resides in Woodville, NY, a small hamlet which is at the southern end of Canandaigua Lake. The outer floats on the old Keuka Maid were salvaged World War II barges. These floats have been refurbished and are now floating in the water. I can see Jeremy’s dream coming together! It looks to me like the next step will be to build a superstructure. There is a giant crane at the site. After the superstructure is completed on land, it will be hoisted onto these two refurbished floats. It will be like a big pontoon boat – but much smaller than the original Keuka Maid, but up to date in regards to all of the boating rules and regulations.

And so as 2014 passes, follow your dreams in 2015!

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