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The World Needs a Miracle

Yes, the world does indeed need a miracle.  As we come to the end of 2014, we find ourselves struggling with sick family members or with close friends who are ill. Perhaps your own health is of major concern. Many struggle just to buy a few Christmas presents for their family or to have enough money to put food on the table and pay for the rent.

The governmental and educational institutions that we used to lean on for direction and council only add to our confusion. Most of my friends have turned off their televisions as our government officials seem to relish slinging all the mud that they can find.  And when they run out of fresh mud, they happily find some leftover mud from the past; all for their own political advantage. And our news reporters’ relish reporting on all of this mud and muck which is being thrown about. They do not care about whether their reporting is accurate or responsible. If what they report on causes riots or death, so be it. It’s their ratings and their contracts that they care about.

The drug companies now advertise their wares on the evening national news for everyone to see. One has to conclude that we are indeed a sick nation. Our sex lives have gone bad; we have been overcome with all sorts of joint and body pains caused by too much work, or too little sleep. We have become depressed just trying to keep up with our neighbors who always seem to have a new car in their driveway. But according to the commercials, all of these problems will disappear if we only buy the latest designer drug from their company. And our children watch. They too want to take the latest pain killer medications so that they will be immune from the pain of having to go school, studying, and learning to compete in society. They too want to be free from having a bad day or being depressed so they seek out drugs that are illegally sold in the corridors of their schools or on the streets in their neighborhoods.

However, the good news is that we have been given a miracle. “For unto you is born a Savior who is Christ the Lord”. But we are too busy, too tired, too drugged to listen. This Savior has only given us two simple rules to live by: Love God; Love your neighbor as yourself. But we don’t want any rules. We want to be free! We want to do what we want to do, when we want to do it, and whom we want to do it to! But the consequences of these actions have made our society almost intolerable.

My Christmas wish for you my readers is to take some time off this Christmas and “cut the cable”, turn off your cell phone, and go visit a dear friend. Your friend will enjoy a cup of coffee and some good conversation. Laugh over the things that have gone wrong in the past, find out how you can make your friend’s life a little easier, and then go do it!  Go to church regularly and patiently wait for God’s direction. You have been put here for a reason.  Merry Christmas!

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