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A New Manuscript

From the desk of the author:

It’s been five years since I published my last book, “THE LAST OF THE FAMILY FARMS”. I began to write my second book right after I published my first book. But this second book didn’t come easy. I wanted to write something of more significance than to just document what it was like to grow up on a family farm in the fifties.

I gave myself a challenge to try to answer the question that most people have been asking: What is happening in our society today? Why does everything seem to be turned upside down from what was known fifty years ago? The very means by which our parents made their living is gone. Jobs which used to provide an adequate living to raise a family have vanished and have been replaced by robots and computers. The jobs that our parents held have been replaced by minimum wage retail jobs which demand that both parents work in order to provide a very minimal family income. And of course, both parents have to be available for work day or night, seven days a week!

A tsunami wave of disruption has landed on our shores…

This wave of disruption has affected our means to make a living, destroyed the family as our basic economic unit, changed us socially, changed our educational institutions, our political system, and all but destroyed our churches.

The manuscript for “Slaves of Our gods” has been submitted to the publisher for final proof-reading and should be returned to me any day now. After I have approved the corrections, the interior will be ready for printing. I am currently working on the design of the exterior covers and plan to submit my designs before Christmas 2014. And then in about a month or two into the New Year, the book will be published and available for purchase on

I am excited about this new book. From time to time I plan to update you on the progress of having my second book published. Just click on the “Slaves of Our gods” link.

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