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Fly Your Flag on Veterans Day

I had to return to the little village of Skaneateles, NY to see this year’s flags for veterans flying in Shotwell Memorial Park right along the north Shore of Skaneateles Lake. The flags are a project of the Skaneateles high School girls’ lacrosse team and sold for $30 as a fund raiser in memory of a veteran of the buyer’s choice. The sun occasionally peeked out from a rather thick November cloud cover but for the most part, the winds off the lake were calm with only an occasional breeze which stirred the flags.

Right near the flag pole at Shotwell Memorial Park stood the flag of Master Sargent Robert Metzler which was given by his family. I could sense that he was there, standing at strict military attention as he gazed out upon Skaneateles Lake.

When there was no breeze, all of the flags looked like they were soldiers, standing at attention, waiting to be reviewed. But when there was a gentle breeze coming off of Skaneateles Lake, their spirits freely moved through their ranks as they openly discussed their years of service and their pride to have served our country.

This simple memorial to our veterans at Skaneateles speaks more to me than all of the stone memorials erected to our veterans. It means that each year their family and friends remember them and care enough about their sacrifices to buy a flag for all to see. I hope that you will fly your flag this Veterans Day.

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