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September’s Song in the Finger Lakes

Friday was such a lovely day in the Finger Lakes – bright warm sun, crystal clear skies with the hint of fall in the air. Here in Canandaigua, we had more than a hint – we had 36 degrees and frost in the morning! The light frost was more than enough to motivate me to dig my potatoes, bring in the last of the tomatoes, and start cleaning up the garden.

But I guess that we were overcome by Frank Sinatra’s version of September Song (click here) and we both decided that we couldn’t waste such a magnificent day just working around the house! We looked at each other and then headed to the car to drive over to Skaneateles for lunch at the Sherwood Inn.

“The days grow short when you reach September.”  Tuesday the 23rd of September is the Autumn Equinox, the day when the length of the day and the length of the night are equal. And from there on till the end of December, it’s all downhill as my mother would say! We never tire of the trip on routes 5&20 from Canandaigua to Skaneateles, NY. If you want to really want to experience upstate New York living, this is one trip that you shouldn’t miss. The New York Thruway is for the 18 wheelers!

“Oh the days dwindle down to a precious few”. The village of Skaneateles seemed far busier than usual for a Friday and it wasn’t until we had lunch that we discovered they were having a boat show over at the country club. All kinds of boats were being used as water taxies which would pull up along the park to take you for a boat ride to the boat show. I especially enjoyed the antique Chris Craft. These boats have beautiful lines, glide smoothly in the water, and their inboard engines don’t make the kind of noise that today’s high horsepower boats generate. 55mph is for the roads. It’s not necessary on the Finger Lakes.

“These precious days I’ll spend with you”.

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