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Number 13 is a Very Lucky Number in Hammondsport, NY

This beautifully restored home sits at number 13 Water Street in Hammondsport, NY. The home has a splendid view of Depot Park and the entire southern end of Keuka Lake. Today, Sunday September 7, Depot Park was almost deserted with the exception of a few folks who were trying to catch the afternoon rays of our warm September sun and some boaters and fisherman who come to the park to dock their boats while they walk uptown for a bite to eat.

Next Saturday on September 13, this scene is going change! The village of Hammondsport will be hosting their annual “Seaplane Homecoming from 9 am until 5 pm at the Depot Park. There will be lots of people who will come to hear the roar of the seaplanes and to watch the parade of seaplanes in front of Depot Park. The seaplanes will be coming to honor Glenn Curtiss, Father of naval Aviation who worked and lived in Hammondsport, NY. Through his genius and life works, Glenn learned to land and take off from the water – an important feat for wealthy sportsman of that early 1900 era but also recognized by our Navy as a strategic advantage for Naval Aviation warfare.

Today, the park is just resting up for next week’s celebration. The leaves on the trees have not begun to turn and it is more than a month away before it is time to think about putting the boats away for the season. A few fishermen were enjoying the peace and quiet of the Lake – very near the area where the Keuka Maid used to dock.

Jeanette and I retreated to our favorite restaurant – Snug Harbor- just a few minutes from Hammondsport on the west side of Keuka Lake along route 54A. We talked about our planned travels to North Carolina at the end of the month and of course our winter vacation in Florida. But really, with scenery like what we have in the Finger Lakes, who needs to go on a vacation?

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