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When Small is a Big Thing in Skaneateles, NY

The little Village of Skaneateles at the top of Skaneateles Lake has to be congratulated for maintaining the beauty and the essence of gracious living in the Finger Lakes. One of the secrets of this beautiful village is that everything is located within one half  block of the only traffic light in town! Thus, everything that you can possibly need or desire is located within walking distance – which is exactly what small towns 75 to 100 years ago offered.

Those of you who are my age can remember going to “town” once a week for perhaps groceries and some other needed supplies. Perhaps you went to the A&P store or Kroger’s for groceries and then on to the Five and Dime store. And if you were good, your parents might have bought you an ice cream cone or perhaps a half gallon of ice cream for the freezer at home.

That same kind of experience is waiting for you in Skaneateles. You would be missing out if you didn’t treat yourself to an ice cream cone at Doug’s Fish fry in Skaneateles. What about doing some shopping at one of the small specialty stores that are within walking distance of the only traffic light along Main Street?

The row houses along Genesee Street have always intrigued me. On the street side they serve as store fronts for all of the specialty shops but on the floors above, they house a few lucky folks who have a magnificent view of Skaneateles Lake on the backside. I can always imagine myself living there.

And if you are like Jeanette and I, we just like to sit and take in all of the activities along the Lake at Clift Park. I have to give credit to the people of Skaneateles for keeping this little village like it was many years ago and yet making it modern for all to share in its timeless beauty.

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