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The Flowers of Red Cat Cellars

It was only minutes after our guests arrived from Pennsylvania that we traveled to Hazlitt’s Red Cat Cellars (click here) in Naples, NY. Hazlitt’s has taken over the old Widmer Wine Cellars which used to be located in Naples, and by all indications, their business decision seems to have been a wise choice. Unfortunately, due to NY State law, tours through the old wine making facilities are no longer available to the public.  There’s little charm left in touring modern wine making facilities anyway unless you are a chemist or a process engineer and love stainless steel vats and piping!

But it was the steps that lead one to the outdoors picnic/tasting area that really grabs your eye. It’s such a beautiful area and the entire walkway is beautifully landscaped with plantings and flowers which all say, “It’s party time!” at Red Cat Cellars!

Our tasting Hostess was lovely and we enjoyed trying out a number of wines ranging from summer party wines to their fine tasting Cabernet Sauvignon which is my favorite. For summer parties and outdoor cooking of chicken and spiedies, try Hazlitt’s Sauvignon Blanc – you won’t be disappointed. Susan loaded up a bag full of wine bottles and we were on our way.

Outside the building I noted another beautiful planting of chrysanthemum flowers. We did ask our hostess who took care of all of the flowers and she said that it was someone from a local nursery. If I were that nursery, I would have a small sign in each bed advertising their business! The trip to Naples, NY is always lovely and a visit to Hazlitt’s Red Cat Cellars certainly enhances the destination.

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  1. Sorry folks, that last picture of flowers are zinnias not chrysanthemums!I am suprised that the Venetia, PA garden club didn’t jump all over me on that one!

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