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Summer in the Finger Lakes

Ah summer! It’s that short period between the 4th of July and Labor Day. A time for boating on the Finger Lakes, swimming in the Finger Lakes, or just plain gazing at all of the summer flowers and activities that go on around the Finger Lakes.

If you do get too warm, one can take a swim right off the dock and let the sun dry the droplets of water as you cool off.

And if you are lucky enough to own a piece of property right on the Finger Lakes, summer can be the time to party it up and to forget about all of those cold days that we had during the winter.

It’s a time for a little summer romance and with the numerous restaurants which are right on the Lake, one can pause and reflect on the things that matter to you most. Yes, the summer time in the Finger Lakes is way too short. But it’s the time that most folks who live here live for!

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