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Today’s Cars Don’t Speak My Language

Four years ago I bought one of those fancy Hybrid Models which can run on electric or on gas, depending upon how fast you want the car to accelerate. The marriage has been sort of rocky. I have to admit that I enjoy the 50 miles per gallon that the car delivers – especially now that it looks like gasoline prices are going to easily break the $4.00 per gallon price point. But, I have had quite a few anxious moments getting used to driving a vehicle that only responds to what has been programmed into its computers! And it has been recalled at least twice to change what has been programmed into those computers.  I didn’t notice any change in performance or response so I don’t know what they put into its head. Forget about driving such a car in the winter with its “low rolling resistance” tires and 4.9 inches of ground clearance which just doesn’t fit with the reality of Upstate New York’s winters.

On the other hand, my neighbor Bob has his 1989 Lincoln sedan for sale which now can be classified as an antique. It has 90,000 miles on the odometer and the body is in great shape. Bob always drives his truck as his line of work is building and remodeling houses. He says that it drives like you’re sitting in your favorite leather covered living room chair. It would make a great car to drive to Florida or to just show off at the local car show.

Bob says that he wants to sell the car and buy a small motor home so he can travel to see his children. Things have changed in the automotive industry in the last 25 years! You might just want to hang onto that Lincoln and stay in a nice air-conditioned motel!

If you do have an interest in a 1989 Lincoln which demands the attention from anyone who appreciates classic American cars, call Bob at 585 – 451 -3619. He lives near Canandaigua, NY.  Now this car speaks my language!

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