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Parked for Memorial Day Weekend

The outlet to Canandaigua Lake is flowing at maximum in order to lower the lake from all of last week’s rains. But still the water remains at flood stage and because of all of the debris carried into the lake, power boating has been banned for this Memorial Day weekend. I can imagine the disappointment of the boaters who were anxiously waiting for the first major summer weekend to try out their new boats.

Even the Canandaigua Lady rests at her moor because of the high water. And as we all know, there aren’t very many major weekends in our Finger Lakes summers!

Over on City Pier, the water is lapping at the bottom of the boathouses. Since the underside of a boathouse is open to the water, I suppose it doesn’t matter if the water is a couple of feet higher than normal or not. But I did spot a pile of debris that had been racked up from either the wooden walks which separate two boathouses or from the water around the boathouses. It’s a chore that I never considered that a boathouse owner might have to do!

All of the power boats are moored at their docks just waiting. Memorial Day weekend without boats on the lake seems as strange as our weather has been recently. But for all of the rest of the folks who celebrated Memorial Day with a parade or perhaps with the first picnic of the summer, the weather was perfect and the sun was certainly a welcome sight!

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