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Sunday Brunch on Keuka Lake

The Finger Lakes are just now coming alive with the arrival of warmer temperatures. The trees are beginning to send forth their leaves and the beautiful light blue of the cold crystal clear lake water is a fisherman’s delight. Our Mother’s Day celebration lead us to Keuka Lake at Hammondsport, NY and to Snug Harbor, a beautiful old restaurant just about a mile north of Hammondsport on the west side.

Snug Harbor is rapidly becoming our favorite restaurant in the Finger Lakes. It is open during the winter time, but we pretty much stick close to home when the snow comes. We were seated just inside the restaurant but right at the doorway which leads to more seating on the first and second floor covered porches. We had a great view of the Lake and the boats on the Lake but were protected from the slightly chilly breeze coming in from the Lake. For those seasoned Finger Lakes dwellers, there is seating right along the Lake where you can have your dinner and enjoy the water’s edge.

We watched a few fishing boats go by as well as a sailboat which was making its way back to one of the many nearby cottages. The meal was great and the ambience of dining right on one of the Finger Lakes is one of the best experiences that the Finger Lakes have to offer.

Brunch ends at 2:00 pm on Sunday and we lingered just a little longer to enjoy a second dessert and the beautiful view of the Lakes. It’s was a wonderful way to celebrate Mother’s Day!

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