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Flags and Spring Flowers in Skaneateles

What’s the old saying: April showers bring May flowers? We haven’t visited Skaneateles since the snow has melted and the little village is just awakening from its deep winter sleep. No boating activity on the lake and very few visitors this spring day. The Easter flowers at the Sherwood Inn were lovely as was the pair of flags which proudly fly in front of the old Inn. There is nothing “old” about Skaneateles. It’s the kind of small town which all villages in Upstate New York wish they could become.

Since there was no boating activity on the Lake, I decided to take a little walk along Main Street (Genesse Street) to see some of the flowers which I had spotted as we came into town. Most of the old homes along Main Street are maliciously kept up to date with flowers and yes, an American flag out front.

May is the time for spring flowers in the Finger Lakes and since our weather has been on the cool and rainy side, the Easter flowers have stayed longer than usual and they help to brighten up those gloomy wet spring days. I can’t imagine a Finger Lakes winter without lovely Easter flowers which immediately wipes away all of your memories of a long cold winter!

The month of May ends with the celebration of Memorial Day on the 26th.  I remember my old friend Bob who was a World War II veteran. He and his wife used to meet us in Skaneateles only a few years back to celebrate life and share a few laughs. And while the sight of spring flowers erase all of our thoughts of a cold winter, the sight of the American flag reminds us of all of the sacrifices and suffering endured by our soldiers.

The flag at Shotwell Memorial Park stands all year around to remind us to remember and honor those men and women who have served their country not just on Memorial Day but all year long!

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