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No More Snow Pictures!

I promised myself that I wouldn’t write anything that had to do with snow in the Finger Lakes after we returned from our winter vacation. We returned from Florida on March 11 and it was the day after when we were greeted with 15-20 inches of snow!  So I waited and waited and finally, all of our snow melted and I was able to take a few pictures of spring starting to unfold just outside my front door as a few daffodils started to poke their leaves out of the rain soaked ground.

This morning, we were greeted with 3-5 inches of new snow. Most men folks in the Finger Lakes region of New York State are by now tired of shoveling snow and are anxiously awaiting to begin fertilizing their lawns and changing the oil in their lawn mowers. There were several warning signs yesterday: my neighbor took down his snow fence, and I spotted three ice fishermen on Canandaigua Lake braving the cold rain which began to fall at the end of the day. But, I was still hoping that somehow this storm would miss us!

And I wasn’t the only one who was caught in Mother Nature’s little April fool’s joke! My neighbor Dave Bero has been feverishly working on his company’s construction equipment in preparation to begin digging the foundations for this year’s new homes. And Leo across the street took down his snow fence yesterday. As for myself, I foolishly put the snow blower away last week.

The foundation for our home here in Deep Run was started on March 20, 1999. For those folks who follow the weather, there was a 30 inch snow fall in March that year and the Bero’s had to push the snow off our lot with the front loader in order to stake out the location of the foundation for our home! You can’t outguess Mother Nature. You can only try to anticipate her next move. But I would be careful as in a few days it will be April 1!

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