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Saying Goodbye to Tarpon Springs

Our time at Tarpon Springs Florida has come to an end. We won’t forget our little garden cottage in Tarpon Springs, Barbara’s wonderful breakfasts, the Greek salads, boiled shrimp, or our favorite: key lime pie at Paul’s Fish house on Athens Street.

On Sunday we took a short trip to Sam’s Hudson Beach Bar in the little village of Hudson, Florida The restaurant sits right on the Gulf of México. It’s definitely a party place complete with DJ and a lot of bikers who stopped by to slake their thirst on their Sunday ride. We enjoyed the music and the boating scene on the Gulf.

In the evening, we stopped at the Anclote River Park to watch the sun go down. The boats start to return home about an hour before sunset and we weren’t disappointed as we watched a rather large catamaran head up the Anclote River.

The peacefulness of the evening started to settle in as most of the swimmers had already left. The sea birds began their search for their dinner just as the sun went down. After the sun sank below the horizon, the Gulf was illuminated by a beautiful glow which will remain with us till we are able to return to this spot again.

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  1. Awesome Jim. Starting to pack. We cannot wait for Monday. You and Jeanette are our inspiration . Such beautiful places to just relax and enjoy life. Bless both of you.

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