Dreaming of a Tropical Paradise

Winter starts to be a drag in the Finger Lakes and we couldn’t help but start to dream of a tropical paradise where the sun is always shinning, the palm trees gently sway in the warm tropical winds, and the fish jump out of the water, just waiting to be caught.

Jeanette and I flew to Ft. Myers Florida for our winter vacation and from the moment that we landed at the Ft. Myers airport, we knew that we were in the tropics! We stayed at the Tropical Paradise B&B in Port Charlotte. It’s a lovely home built right on a canal and if you are into boating, this is truly an island paradise as the Peace River and the Gulf of Mexico are just a few minutes away by canal.

Our hosts Clift and Joanne made us feel like we were home as they leave the front door of their home unlocked so that their guests and came and go at their leisure. We came for the sun and the peace and quiet, and we were not disappointed. Yes, there were boats tied up along the canal, but the only boating traffic that we saw were two people kayaking in the canal, and we couldn’t even hear the noise of their paddles as they skimmed along the surface of the water. Swimming in the pool is encouraged as Clift showed us a picture of a four foot alligator who wandered up on his property and he had to drag the gator by its tail back into the canal where it belonged.

The outdoor lani is a great place to gather at the end of the day, have a glass of wine in the evening, share some stories of the “fish that got away”, or just watch the sun go down over the canal. Pinch me Jeanette, I think that I am dreaming!

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  1. Mike

    Looks pretty nice. We had 18 degrees and an inch of snow this morning.

    1. jrBupp

      Mike, Port Charlotte was very nice -85 degrees and NO SNOW! We’ll be back when the grass starts to green.

  2. Don Sheffer

    You are missing it Jim. They are still ice fishing on the lake. It thawed the day you left but the artic air has returned. 8 degrees here this morning. See you in late April if we decide to return once we get out of this…..Don

    1. jrBupp

      Don, we are not missing it! One day of rain and a couple of days with cool weather is better than ice and snow!


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