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Five Things To Do In January

In my last blog, “Five New Year’s Resolutions to Avoid in 2014”,  I cautioned you about making New Year’s resolutions which  clearly won’t be kept by most people.  But now that we are already into the New Year and as most veteran Finger Lakes dwellers know, January can be a long long month in the Finger Lakes. And so I have decided to put together a list of some things that you can do to off-set the long cold dark nights.

1. Pour yourself a glass of Finger Lakes Wine. There’s something to be said for enjoying a nice glass of red wine before diner or perhaps before retiring for the night.  It warms up your insides and melts away all of those things that have been bothering you and aids in the digestive process. Jeanette and I took a drive to Watkins Glen on Sunday. The vineyards are in their winter dormancy period, resting from giving up the grapes that makes the Finger Lakes a world class wine tasting and buying destination.  After the vineyards have had their chance to slumber, they will awaken once again in the spring. Ah wine, it is a renewable resource!

2. Fight the tendency to hibernate. The best way to do this is to find some friends and a little music! I see that the Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles (click here) features some music on Thursday nights and also on Sunday evenings. Now there’s a great way to forget about the cold and the darkness outside!

3. Start planning your garden. The garden catalog folks know what they are doing and I have been bombarded with seed catalogs which started coming in the mail before Christmas. It’s a great way to distract your mind from the January blahs and turn your thoughts to what you are going to plant in your Finger Lakes garden come spring.

4. Take some time and write a thank you note.  Christmas comes with a lot of anticipation and hope but then even more quickly the Christmas spirit evaporates when the New Year begins.  January is a good time to write to someone who gave you a special Christmas gift or perhaps brightened up your holiday. It doesn’t cost much to sit down and write a little hand written thank you note and it will certainly be appreciated by the receiver.

5. Plan a winter vacation. There’s nothing like transporting your thoughts away from the ice and snow by planning to take a little winter break. Lots of folks in the Finger Lakes find that there is relief and rejuvenation to be found in places that offer warmer temperatures. But if that’s not in your budget this year, there are plenty of Bed and Breakfasts all around the Finger Lakes which would welcome some weekend guests.

Ah, I feel better already by just making this list!

4 thoughts on “Five Things To Do In January”

  1. I sure hope you were enjoying a glass of wine while you wrote your Thing to do in January blog! I think you should write a blog about your fantastic crock pot recipes. Winter time is the perfect time for comfort foods! I shared some of your crock pot navy bean and ham soup with Tina and some of my friends in the ER. They all want the recipe! Tyler is a big fan of your crock pot chili! Both are so easy to make and make the house smell so good! Nothing beats a big bowl of chili after being out in the cold!

  2. Jim,
    Love the Sunrise picture. Noticed it earlier this week but was a little late getting up and thought I had missed it. Seems easier to sleep in this time of the year as outside tasks slow down.


    1. Don, these massive storms do create some good picture taking opportunities. Mark Feb 2 on your calendar – I wouldn’t want you to miss out on Punxsutawney Phil Day!

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