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Home for the Holidays

It doesn’t matter where you were born or the color of your skin or what kind of religion that you practice or what kind of neighborhood that you grew up in. We humans all share a common bond when it comes to remembering our beginnings. The music of “There’s No Place like Home for the Holidays” was written by Robert Allen and the lyrics by Al Stillman. The song was published in 1954 and the best known recordings of the song were made first by Perry Como in November of 1954 and then later in July of 1959 (click here).

Jeanette and I were fortunate to have made our “Home for the Holidays” trip over Thanksgiving to southern Pennsylvania. The roads were a bit “iffy” this year due to the storm which came out of the south so we waited until Thanksgiving Day to travel after the storm had passed. But think back when you were younger and when the holidays came, your travel plans were never interrupted by a little snowy or icy roads!

Families change over the years; children grow up, grandfathers and grandmothers pass away, and then our parents die. But still we reserve this special place in our minds when it comes time to go “Home for the Holidays”.  And nothing can prevent us from making this trip regardless of how difficult a trip it may be! Perhaps there was a special food that your family ate and it became a family tradition. My mother always baked at least two kinds of pies – pumpkin and apple – so when the song “Home for the Holidays” talks about Pennsylvania and some homemade pumpkin pie, I am already home. I like cranberry Jello which came from a recipe that was in our church’s cookbook. Susan, Jeanette’s daughter, always makes some cranberry relish for me and some pumpkin pie. It goes well with the turkey and also with satisfying my mind that I indeed did make that special trip back home.

I also have to thank Susan and her husband for hosting our “Home for the Holiday” visit. On Sunday, Susan took us to Mingo Creek Park in Washington County where we enjoyed several covered bridges and a beautiful stream along with many walking trails. I hope that these pictures will perhaps spark some images in your mind of “Home for the Holidays”. Of course we can never go back, but we can imagine and remember!

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