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Skaneateles Rests before the Holidays

It was a beautiful sun drenched Saturday afternoon and a perfect day for paying a visit to Skaneateles, NY. The sky was a clear blue and just before noon, the sun still hung low in the southern sky as it does this time of year. After the first visit from old man winter in the Finger Lakes this past week, the skies cleared and the late fall sun returned for a visit bringing with it some much appreciated warmer temperatures. It was a day when a sweater was almost enough to make one comfortable along the Lake. The Gazebo was mostly empty of people with the exception of one family who were taking photographs of their children with Santa hats for their Christmas cards.  But for the most part, it was a time for just looking at the Lake and reflecting on how beautiful last summer was in the Finger Lakes.

Even the gulls took advantage of the late summer sun and gathered on the dock of the tourist boat Judge Ben Wiles. No noisy laughing visitors to disturb them now as they faced into the light breeze and warmed themselves in the sun. The boats which used to be stored along the outlet have all disappeared into winter storage.

As I walked down to the other end of the park, the rays of the sun seemed to dance on the surface of the Lake. No waves in the water and certainly no ice to disturb the sun’s reflection from the surface of the water.

Outdoor human activity in the town of Skaneateles was limited to a few folks who were taking advantage of the warm fall sun and were raking up the remaining leaves in their yards. Just up the street from the Sherwood Inn, a couple of men were installing Christmas lights on a huge pine tree in someone’s yard. I will definitely return to see that tree when it is lit. Soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving and then the Charles Dickens Christmas activities (click here) will start the Friday after Thanksgiving. But none of that was visible today as most folks used the day to rest up, have their lunch at the Sherwood Inn, and to reflect on the beautiful now departed summer.

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