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There is Peacefulness and Power in a Fall Day

The sky, the fields, and the forests seem to be in harmony today. There is still much outdoor work to be done in the Finger Lakes before the first winter storms hit as the harvest of the soy beans and the corn have just begun. But on this fall day, there is only peacefulness to be seen. The newly plowed earth will be planted with a cover crop so it can rest and rejuvenate itself during the long winter months. And the corn will soon be harvested so that the animals will have food to eat over the wintertime.

At the southern end of Canandaigua Lake, the water is peaceful. The drifting clouds allow a little sunlight to fall on the side of the South Mountain, illuminating the colors of the trees which grow on the side of the mountain.

There is a peacefulness and a calming power which overcomes you as the sun brilliantly illuminates the cottages planted along the shore line of  South Mountain. The power of the mountain comes from the tremendous potential energy that has been stored up in the mountain. This energy came from the moving kinetic energy of the various advancing ice ages and is now stored in the heights of the mountain. It’s something that you can feel if you take a moment to just quietly stare at the scene.

On the other side of South Mountain, the sun lights up the trees, bringing out the brilliant yellows and reds of the leaves. The road that I travel is a lonely road, traveled only by a few. The meadows start to turn brown in anticipation of the coming winter winds.

But there is also a sense of peacefulness and assurance that these same scenes will be once again be restored by the power of Mother Nature and the sun come spring.

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    1. Mike,

      Thank you. I can’t help but admire a well tilled field! To me, it represents work completed. You know the farm – it’s along 364 on the road to Vine Valley. This farm has been in the family for 5 generations. I appreciate your pictures on FL1. Somehow my password doesn’t work anymore and I can’t make a comment.

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