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Bristol Mountain Shows Her Colors

The colors of the leaves around the north end of Canandaigua Lake are almost gone now and those that are left are fast falling from the trees. But the story is completely different at the southern end of Canandaigua Lake. There in the mountains which nestles the little village of South Bristol, one can see Mother Nature at her finest. We pulled off route 64 into the parking lot of the Ski Resort at Bristol Mountain just so we could do a little leaf peeping without having to drive the car.

The Bristol Mountains rise some 1200 feet about the valley floor and become a favorite winter destination of those who enjoy cold weather sports. But I must admit that I enjoyed looking at the beautiful trees that line the various ski trails far more than I would enjoy looking at the ice and the snow during winter!

Even though the last few winters have not been very co-operative in regards to cold temperatures and natural snow, the Bristol Ski Resort seems to have prospered over the years thanks due in part to the invention of the snow making machine and to an owner who runs the Water Park in Canandaigua during the summer and the ski resort at Bristol during the winter.

The sun was playing its usual tricks by hiding behind the clouds and since it was mid- afternoon, I had to shoot most of the pictures into the bright sky. I turned around and took a picture of the mountain which stands just across route 64 from the Ski Resort. There indeed were some of the brightest leaf colors that I took all afternoon with the sun at my back!

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