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The Coolest Porches in the Coolest Small Town

Several years ago Hammondsport, NY was voted the “Coolest Small Town” in America. We love to visit this little town which sits at the southern end of Keuka Lake and earlier this summer, I blogged on the porch of one of the homes which resides near the library. The porch on this home is particularly inviting, and I would guess that at one time, the homes in this area between the center of the town and Keuka Lake were spread out enough so that most of these residents did indeed have a view of the Lake.

Take a walk with me via the slide show that is attached to this blog. These homes have been lovingly restored by their owners. Many of these homes have turned into Bed and Breakfasts by their owners as a way to keep up with all of the restoration and maintenance costs. As we walk down the street, take a look at the dates on some of the homes: anywhere from 1833 to 1895. And also note the street numbers which range from 1 which sits right across from the town offices to number 22.

Yes, Hammondsport is the village where Glenn H. Curtiss was born. It was here that his father died when Glenn was only 6 years old and his mother moved the family to Rochester, NY for health reasons. Glenn became the head of the family and returned to Hammondsport to start his own bicycle repair business. From bicycles to motorcycles, he became the fastest man on earth riding his V8 powered motorcycle in 1903 to 136 mph. With his knowledge of small lightweight engines, he built and flew the first observed powered flight on July 4, 1908 in Hammondsport.

Hammondsport is not a rich town. It began largely as an agricultural town where the farmers tilled the soil and raised grapes. The town is populated by hard working people who love the openness and atmosphere of a small town where today many make their living catering to the tourists who visit Keuka Lake, the wineries in the area, or just come to get away from the hustle and bustle of today’s fast paced life. But do take a look at all of the porches because they tell it all!

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