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North Shore Grill at Conesus Lake

Our favorite summer treat is to have lunch or dinner at a restaurant which is located on water’s edge at one of the Finger Lakes. Last Sunday we headed west along routes 5 and 20. It’s been sometime since we have driven through Bloomfield, West Bloomfield, and Lima. The sun was shinning and the fields are now in their prime, yielding sweet corn, wheat, and hay for winter storage.

Our destination was Lavonia and the Lavonia Inn which is just to the south of Lima. We traveled on 15A and then took a right hand turn onto 20A to Lavonia. We discovered that the Lavonia Inn is not open on Sunday nights so we continued along 20A which runs along the north Shore of Conesus Lake. We came upon the North Shore Grill which we have never visited, but I am willing to bet that the folks who live around Conesus Lake, Lavonia or Geneseo are no strangers to this place.

The evening was bit chilly for an August evening but the view of Conesus Lake from the outdoor dining area is just great and the summer crowd didn’t mind a little chill in the air one bit!

The festivities were further heightened by the reggae band which plays there on Sunday afternoons from 3-5 pm. Jeanette thought she was in Jamaica and couldn’t sit still to the sounds of a music genre which was first developed in Jamaica during the late sixties!

2 thoughts on “North Shore Grill at Conesus Lake”

  1. Great to have yet another recommendation Jim for “the Lakes”–we’ve not been to Conesus or Livonia!
    Last week we met up w/ a hygienist friend and her hub who live in New Jersey–she worked w/ me in Switzerland.
    We HIGHLY recommend Suzanne’s in Lodi!,
    I will be more attentive to your blog now—had problems reading it of late on comp.–worls o.k. on IPad.
    We LOVE F.L!,,,,

    1. Thanks Barb, it’s hard work but someone has to do it! Two more points of interest in this general area are Letchworth Park at Mt. Morris, NY and the Genesee Museum at Mumford, NY. Both places require at least a day to visit.

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