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Life is Too Short in the Finger Lakes

Living in today’s society can take its toll on your body and your spirit. It doesn’t seem to matter who you are or where you live. There are family events to participate in like celebrating the birthday of a grandson or granddaughter, or reuniting with distant family members during the summer months.

Some families are celebrating the wedding of a daughter or son like the wedding party that I observed in Shotwell Memorial Park at Skaneateles. Everything must look perfect for the wedding album to remind the newly married couple of their special day.

And then there are those minor irritations that life hands out like receiving a parking ticket for being double parked.

But every once in a while, I come across something or someone that makes me smile and it reminds me not to take life too seriously. Like the two beautiful antique boats that I saw in a Skaneateles boathouse: One named Wood Too; the other Wood Not. I have to wonder if one was a genuine wood antique boat and the other was perhaps a more modern fiberglass boat. Who knows?

I soon got caught up in the summer activities along the lake as I watched a rather large sail boat glide on the crystal clear water of Skaneateles Lake. Life is just too short in the Finger Lakes.

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