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Wine Country Classic Boats at Hammondsport, NY

Antique classic boats will be on display at Depot Park in Hammondsport on Saturday July 20 and On Sunday July 21. The vendors were already setting up their wares on Friday and a few of the old classic wood boats were just arriving.

I would love to hear that old wood speed boat running on the water just at dusk. I have no idea what kind of motor is packed into that boat, but I bet that this boat can fly! I have never seen anything like it. I think that this boat might be faster than Glenn Curtiss’s Model E flying boat that I saw flying above Keuka Lake last summer!

There were old wooden canoes to see and displays of old fishing lures, antique gasoline fishing motors, and a Chris Craft wood boat was moored on the water.

It sure looks to me that the Wine Country Classic boat display at Hammondsport is going to be a dandy!

2 thoughts on “Wine Country Classic Boats at Hammondsport, NY”

  1. Jim,
    Just returned from the Gettysburg reenactment at Genesse Country Village. It was a good day for a Civil War buff. Now I open your blog to see what I missed to the South.
    I have fond memories of riding in a wood ChrisCraft on the St. Lawernce River as a child. So next year we will go south for this show. So many things to do in the area.
    Nice problem to have.


    1. Don,

      You are in luck! Skaneateles has their classic wooden boat show next weekend on July 26, 27 and 28th (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). My memories go back to Chippewa Lake in Ohio ( an old amusement park) and the Chris Craft speed boat that used to run on that lake.

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