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Preparing for Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer and the first major weekend when families begin to take their summer vacations. And with the coming of Memorial Day weekend beginning on Saturday the 25th of May, there is a frenzy of work going on to prepare the parks and marinas for this first summer weekend.

The Canandaigua Lady has now been moved from City Pier in Canandaigua to behind Steamboat Landing where she will be picking up people for a beautiful boat ride on Canandaigua Lake. The Canandaigua Lady is special to us as she was a “must visit destination” from Binghamton some fourteen years ago and it was the Lady’s charm which led us to move to Canandaigua. We still enjoy her evening passages past Thendara’s as she makes her way back to Steamboat Landing.

The little Ontario County Park at Deep Run has been the site of activities all winter long. Rocks and debris which washed down from Deep Run Creek into the Lake were removed and hauled away. This work was done by the Fields Construction Company while the ground was still frozen. The beach area was enlarged and further protected from erosion with the addition of some large stone. New concrete pads for the picnic tables were poured and the areas between the picnic tables were sodded with grass. All that remains now is to spread the piles of sand along the beach for the swimmers.

Thendara’s Boathouse has undergone major restoration this winter. New piling was driven into the lake bed and the structure has been completely remodeled along with a new copper cupola which sits as a shinning crown on the top.

The property which is owned by Bill and Tracy Pellicano of Philadelphia is to remain private property but we neighbors want you to know that Thendara’s is still very much in our hearts and minds. If you change your mind and decide to have an open house some time this summer, we will bring the blue whales!

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